Introduction To Adobe Illustrator Workshop- February 2020

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator workshop - Berytech Fab Lab
Berytech Innovation Park Mar Roukoz
February 11, 13, 14
From 6:00 pm till 9:00 pm

Workshop Details

The workshop will introduce participants to the important tools to produce vector and raster-based graphics through the use of Adobe Illustrator. Projects and assignments will focus on the exploration and understanding of the applications, implementing color, typography, tools, and techniques including printing options.

Workshop Objectives

  • Produce vector and raster-based graphics through the use of Adobe Illustrator.
  • Design logos, symbols, and illustrations.
  • Implement typography and apply their understanding of alignment to create expressive designs.
  • Create photo collages/montages to generate appealing compositions.
  • Persuade effectively through imagery.

Workshop Outcome

  • Use the tools and explore many alternative ways of manipulating them.
  • Manipulate projects on the computer using technical tools in Adobe illustrator.
  • Generate graphic compositions, logos, symbols, and illustrations.
  • Use type to communicate an idea, select and integrate a variety of sizes and weights as well as typographic elements.

Ala’ Amhaz, Graphic Designer – Lebanese American University
Wael Khalil, Mechanical Engineer – Berytech Fab Lab

Limited Seats Available: 15 seats

Price: $50.00 or 75,000LL for all sessions (Excluding VAT)

Workshop duration: 3 sessions, 3 hours each

* Includes exercises to be done at home

Workshop Schedule

Session 1: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 –  6:00pm till 9:00pm

  • Organizing the first documents Sizes, page setups.
  • The toolbox, tools for selecting, editing, and creating page elements.
  • The necessary tools: shapes…
  • The Bezier tool.
  • *Exercises to do at home

Session 2: Thursday, February 13, 2020 –  6:00pm till 9:00pm

  • The transformation tools.
  • The type tool
  • Character palette
  • Paragraph palette
  • – Justification/hyphenation
  • *Exercises to do at home

Session 3: Friday, February 14, 2020 –  6:00pm till 9:00pm

Introduction to Computer-Aided Cutting

    • Colors (CMYK, SPOT)
    • Gradient tools (mesh, blend, gradient tool)
    • Pathfinder
    • Clipping mask
    • Compound path
    • Live trace
    • Live paint
    • Introduction to Laser Cutting and Vinyl Cutting
    • Producing Stickers or Key-chains in the fab lab.

Students will produce stickers of their new logos/designs, or they can engrave it using a laser cutter machine at the FabLab as a result of their work at the workshop.

Students will have a tour in the Fab Lab to discover how they could use their designs and apply them in real life using digital fabrication tools (i.e.; laser cutting, vinyl cutting).


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